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  Jan 01 - Jan 05 2014

Five companies that will probably disappear in 2014
For profit college accused of artificially inflating job placement numbers by hiring temp companys
Remember, folks: Big pharmaceutical companies just want to help people
So, how well is the Chromebook doing against the MacBook? Not too shabby
Netflix to help subscribers keep their New Year's resolution to watch less TV by dropping nearly a hundred shows and movies
If you've been investing in silver recently, now might be a good time to panic
Gold on track for its biggest annual loss since 1981. Glenn Beck spotted curled up in the fetal position quietly weeping while sucking his thumb
More than 100 Grand worth of Mars candy is stolen, thieves looking at a big Payday
...And if you believe that, I've got a newspaper in New York I'd like to sell you
California man gets routine appendectomy with 24-hour hospital stay. Billing charges are: A) $550 B) $5500 C) $55,000
Ford ends 2013 as America's best selling car
Obama's anti-business liberalism leaves investors concerned for the safety of stocks as the Dow gains 26.5% in 2013
Neighborhood complains about ice cream truck music, company switches to spam texting instead
Air Canada to married man: Oh, your wife didn't take your last name? No sharing travel vouchers for you, you emasculated little girl
Hewlett-Packard tells 5,000 more workers to cache in their chips
Chrysler will soon be a 100% Italian car company
Renault and Peugeot-Citroën sales rise 9% on improved mileage,
Tesla Motors next project might be a pickup truck to compete with the F-150 for a piece of that uppity, mobile redneck market
Heavy snow results in significant loss of ice

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